midsummer nights

It’s July! And it’s hot. And I have no AC. And that is perfectly fine because I love hot weather. My brain is melting though and sometimes I wonder if I’m actually going through life or just floating in a dream.

This is what I’ve been up to, apparently:

20150721_203904Took a friend who’s visiting from New York to Kang Hodong Baekjeong. There’s always a long wait, but it gives you a chance to walk around the beautiful Chapman Square. And pick up snacks at the nearby Korean market.

20150721_194610We finally got seated after 40 minutes (on a Tuesday night!). But hey, good food is worth the wait. Really like their covered outdoor seating area, especially on a summer night.
20150721_203926Made soju bombs aftewards and drank some makgeolli. Cass Fresh kinda tastes like the Korean version of PBR.
cassFinally got a chance to use my panda character mask. This one’s from The Face Shop. Good coverage, average scent, lots of moisture. Fun to wear.
panda maskI’ll end here with a book I just finished reading. It’s called A Step from Heaven and is written by An Na.  It’s YA but can definitely be appreciated from the adult perspective. It’s about a young Korean girl who immigrates to America and has to deal with her family falling apart due to the stress of assimilation. Kind of depressing but beautifully written, and it ends on a hopeful note.
Najunge bwaeyo! 나중에 봬요!


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