June Beauty Haul

Got some goodies from an impromptu shopping trip to Atlantic Times Square (Monterey Park.) 20140629-0076_Atlantic_Times_SquareFirst, the Face Shop. Love this place, everything is reasonably priced and the service is attentive but not overbearing. I’ve started wearing more eye make-up so figured these wipes would be helpful. It’s a small package, perfect for slipping into your purse. However, I was disappointed when I saw how small the wipes actually were. These aren’t full-size face wipes, they’re small, thin strips designed specifically for removing make-up from your lips and eyes. However there’s not much surface area so it’s awkward to use. Only pros I guess for this product would be the nice herbal smell, and the moisturizing factor — they won’t strip strip your face of essential oils. 20150628_161853 My brows have a nice arch but they can get unruly sometimes so I figured it was time to finally get a proper eyebrow pencil. 20150628_161800 The sales clerk was really helpful when I asked her to help me select a natural looking color. Screen shot 2015-06-29 at 12.59.36 PMCan you tell which eye has brow pencil and which doesn’t? Yeah, not much of a difference. I guess it’ll come in handy if I want a dramatic brow and need to fill the arch more. I do like using the eyebrow comb on the other end of the pencil, it helps tame strays and makes the eye look neater in profile shots. For the record, the eye on the left has make-up, and the one on the right is bare. Best part about shopping at the Face Shop? Samples! 20150628_161926 After the Face Shop, I walked over to another Asian beauty store called Image and got a Mediheal face mask to add to my growing collection. I love shopping at Image…but word of advice, they prefer cash and only accept credit card if you buy more than $10 worth of product.20150628_162136Last stop of the day was to Daiso, a dope Japanese dollar store chain that has everything from slippers to soy sauce saucers. Picked up a cute box of blotting papers. My skin’s very oily in the T-zone, and summertime means an extra slick deck. These papers are also good for cleaning eyeglasses and computer screens! 20150628_160054And last but not least, got some handy spiral flashcards so I can learn more Hangul. 20150628_160201파이팅Hwaiting!


2 thoughts on “June Beauty Haul

  1. The Face Shop and Daiso are two of my favorites too, and luckily, they’re both in Dubai. I use to buy facial masks from The Face Shop and pore-cleansing strips from Daiso, but I always stumble upon a lot of other stuff too, which ends up in my shopping basket:)

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