Hwang Hae Do

It’s been awhile since my last post. Apologies. Let’s move on to food!

Hwang Hae Do is an unassuming KBBQ restaurant with a plethora of side dishes. I’m a big fan of the rice paper they provide so you can wrap everything up into a yummy package.
I went for lunch on a weekday so it wasn’t very crowded, which meant the service was prompt.
According to yelp, when it gets busy the waiters are less attentive.

You get lots of veggies. A huge bowl of salad plus extra lettuce for wrapping. Here are some sprouts.


Fresh seasonings:

And steamed egg. I should really learn how to make gaeran jim myself since I love it so much.

The menu is quite extensive, so I’d love to come back and try more dishes. I found out later that the yook soo bulgogi is highly recommended.  Beef broth? Sold!

Hwang Dae Do Korean Restaurant

429 N Western Ave
Ste 7
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Grade: B

Pros: Lots of traditional dishes. Valet parking for $2

Cons: It’s an older-style restaurant hidden in a strip mall, expect things to be a little run-down. The decor is drab.



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