Two-Step Face Mask

I don’t normally like to spend too much time on my beauty routine, so this was my first 2-step face mask. And my first time trying snake venom!


Here’s a close-up of the instructions:


The first step is to spread the base ampoule onto your face. It’s a clear, jellyish liquid. The packet is small, but there was more than enough to cover my whole face plus a little leftover for my neck area too.


Second step is to place the mask onto your face, essentially sealing the ampoule underneath.


I really like how the rosemary water smells. It’s refreshing and tart. And I LOVE the shape of this mask!! Usually the masks I use have a tiny strip for the nose and there’s huge gaps around the eye area, which is hello where I want the most TLC. This Syn-Ake mask provided excellent coverage. It also has a silky consistency that feels very luxurious… no plastic sheeting! After 20 minutes of a wonderful cooling effect, I took the mask off and was impressed with how supple my skin looked. I’ll definitely be purchasing this mask again.

Syn-Ake SOS mask

Grade: A

Pros: Excellent mask coverage, lots of serum in both packages. Rosemary water is an added bonus.

Cons: Takes an extra twenty seconds to spread the base ampoule on. Pricier than your $1 masks. This beauty treat will set you back $3.99.


2 thoughts on “Two-Step Face Mask

  1. I just love the packaging on their facial masks, they’re so dramatic and enticing that you can’t help but think THIS is the mask that will change my skin forever! But I’d choose a Korean face mask over any American brand any day, they just have more moisture in them and they smell wonderful.

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