Bride of the Century


Everytime I see a yam at the grocery store I think about this k-drama. In fact, I saw this k-drama nearly a year ago and it wasn’t until recently that I remembered I hadn’t written up a review. Procrastination wins again!!

If you like fairy tales you’ll like Bride of the Century. It’s beautifully shot with dreamy sequences and over-the-top acting. Yang Jin-sung is a tornado of energy in her dual (or rather triple) roles. And Lee Hong-gi has matured quite nicely from his You’re Beautiful days, into a believable romantic lead.
Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 3.50.27 PM

The basic premise of Bride is that a wealthy family suffers from a curse that causes the first wife of the first born son to die shortly after the marriage. Thus, the matriarch of the family plots to have her son marry a poor, disposable girl so that after she dies a suitable second wife can be brought in for the real marriage. Of course, the son falls for the poor girl, which leads to a race against time to figure out a way to break the curse so that true love can prevail!
BotC6avi_001385919The son, Kang-joo, has a prickly demeanor but he comes off as more playful than douchey, especially since he’s still holding onto baggage from a childhood trauma. There is genuine chemistry between Kang-joo and Doo-rim, the poor but sweet country girl who’s trying to make it in the big city. Kang-joo tries to teach her how to dress well and behave in high society. However, Doo-rim actually charms everyone in the wealthy family by staying true to her humble roots and sharing country charms like eating cabbage kimchi with sweet potatoes. And giving your grandma a piggy back ride.
new-trailers-and-plenty-of-images-for-the-Korean-drama-Bride-of-the-Century_90There is a love triangle, but since Yi-hyun is actually Doo-rim’s “brother” he’s never a real threat and is there mainly to create a little tension. He has a nice gloomy appeal.
sad-oppaThe evil mothers are conniving and pretty much what you’d expect from a fairy tale. They make the Wicked Queen in Snow White seem like Carol Brady. These mothers will stop at nothing to make sure their offspring marry well.
b51At the heart of Bride of the Century is the mystery behind the family curse. I really do enjoy how the series keeps you in suspense and slowly reveals the history behind the curse and the key to finally destroying the demon responsible for it. It’s a pretty cool twist so I won’t reveal it here. Watch this k-drama to find out for yourself!
Bride of the Century

Grade: B

Pros: Great acting all around, especially from the delightful Yang Jin-sung. Perky characters tend to get tiresome for me, but Doo-rim managed to balance her enthusiasm with a practical view on life. Enjoy the beautiful period costumes and the lavish hanok that the chaebol family lives in. The official poster kept me from watching this k-drama for the longest time because I thought it would be a stiff melodrama, but it’s actually more comedy than drama, with lots of quirky scenes and great one-liners.

Cons: The last few episodes really do disappoint on a romance level. The first three-quarters of the series makes you think they’re setting you up for an epic ending, but don’t expect fireworks. Also, you really have to suspend your disbelief … there are SEVERAL gaping plot holes. Attribute them to the fact that the series is supposed to be a fantasy, and that the writers have no qualms about breaking their own rules.


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