Fall TV

Hey those of you who watch American television. Here are my top three picks for American sitcoms that could be remade as k-dramas.


A naive country girl moves to the big city and is overwhelmed by the metropolitan sophisticates. Her best friend takes pity on her  and sets her up on a date with her husband’s friend, who just happens to be a jaded playboy. The show’s gimmick? You can hear the thoughts of the couple from the beginning of their relationship and revel in the hilarity of gender binaries. Yes, I imagine the writers are typing away on old Mac G2’s, the plotline is extremely outdated. In fact, the show recently got axed by ABC so we may never know if this love story gets a happy ending. But I am a fan of the lead actress, Analeigh Tipton, and can totally see her character being played by Park Shin-hye. Just replace Manhattan with Gangnam and you’ve got yourself a k-drama!

Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 6.08.40 PMDid I mention this show has lots of fashion eye-candy? Another reason to watch as many episodes as you can before it’s completely removed from the fall lineup.

2. selfie

The lead romantic actor in Selfie is played by Korean American actor John Cho. This classic pygmalion tale has all the traits of a k-drama. Grumpy older, successful businessman takes a young ingénue under his wing and trains her to fit into his genteel world. Along the way, he learns a thing or two about her world and the two gradually fall in love. I was really pulling for this show to do well. I think the lead actors have a surprising amount of chemistry. John Cho has certainly moved past his MILF days and is quite believable as a love interest. Unfortunately, the rest of America does not think so, and this show is also about to be axed from the fall lineup. BOOO! Wouldn’t it be loverly if Selfie got remade as a k-drama with Lee Min-jung and So Ji-sub as the leads?
Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 6.30.29 PM

It would certainly be a chance for Korea to show off its latest LG products.

1. 450_Jane-the-Virgin_S1

I had my doubts about Jane the Virgin, since I mistakenly believed it was a TV show about teenage pregnancy and that just sounded depressing. It’s actually about a woman in her 20s who is a virgin because of her strict and pious grandmother. However, after a medical accident leads to her getting artificially inseminated, her dream of becoming a teacher and marrying her cop boyfriend gets derailed. This series is based on a telenovela and has all the traditional characteristics of a classic k-drama.

Smart and modern girl who is prized for her innocence? check
Huge ensemble cast of players who are all connected via blood or secret relationships? check
Constant flashbacks to remind you of what happened in the last episode? check

And of course, who better to play the titular character than the extremely talented and chaste looking Jung So-min?

So far Jane the Virgin is going strong on the CW with no signs of cancellation. Phew!



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