IOTA Brew Cafe


This is a cafe that doesn’t give an iota about customer service. I decided to give it a try because of a coupon I got from KCON, but as you can see from their Yelp reviews, my experience isn’t unusual.

It’s a great place to go I guess if you just want to work on your laptop for hours on end and not have to order anything. Seriously, I could have sat there for 2 hours and then walked out without anyone noticing, the waiters couldn’t have cared less. Unfortunately, I was there to actually get a beverage. It took 15 minutes before anyone bothered to take my order. And then another 15 minutes before a different waiter asked me if I still wanted my Italian ice tea. Because apparently they had to fly to Italy to get the ice.

So there were two waiters working the tables. Additionally there was one girl behind the counter whose only function seemed to be staring off into space. And one barista behind the impressive roasting lab.
roasting lab

One of the waiters seemed to know what he was doing and was doing his best to serve everyone. The other waiter looked like he seriously hated his job and wished everyone around him would just disappear. It was rather unsettling. Twice I raised my arm to get his attention and he looked my direction, then fixated at a point above my ahead before walking away.

Don’t ever bother using their “service” buttons, because they’re just for show.

The “decent” waiter probably felt bad for us and presented my friend and I with a plate of macaroons as an apology for the delayed service. They were pretty good. My Italian ice however, was watered down and definitely not worth the 30 minute wait.
Bottom line, this is quite possibly the worst cafe ever in Koreatown.

528 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Grade: D

Pros: I would’ve given this place an F, but at least one of the waiters tried to make good with a free plate of dessert. And the TV’s were playing some pretty cool k-pop videos.

Cons: Horrible service. Mediocre food for extravagant prices. Did I mention the service was horrible?


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