eat sugar

10474232_10152763045819665_8213079414098206831_nPicked this up at Ktown. I didn’t get a chance to try this, but the boy did and declared “it tastes like a really sweet ketchup that is a bit more tomatoey.” Not a fan, so this is going on the do-not-buy list.

I will definitely be getting more Choco Pie though! I prefer the Orion brand to Lotte because it’s more moist (yes I just said moist) and has less calories. 120 per serving vs. 125 in the Lotte pies. I also dig their retro package design.



2 thoughts on “eat sugar

  1. wow, I wonder what it would taste like as soon as I saw the picture. My parents have bought choco pies all the time and I personally prefer mongshell ones. Have you tried those ? The inside is like a creamy filling instead of the marshmallow.

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