Bourbon Street

LA’s going through a heat wave so working from home can get stifling. I usually go to the library, but sometimes a cafe is better since they’re open late. Plus the surroundings are nicer and you can get food.

Bourbon Street Cafe is a nice, classy place to take a meeting. If you want to work on a laptop though, it should be fully charged because there are only a few outlets on the back wall.

The food’s decent, a little overpriced. I had a green tea latte which had pretty latte art but didn’t taste much like green tea. They do have Intelligentsia coffee. And the hipster in me was happy that they have cold brew.
IMG_20140824_203107Noise level is okay, jazz music isn’t crazy loud but it does get crowded at night, especially on the weekend, mainly with 20-something year old Asians.


Bourbon Street Cafe

Grade: B+

Pros: Very friendly albeit slow service. They have valet since it’s located on a busy Ktown corner in an outdoor mini mall, but I usually get lucky with street parking. Speedy wifi. Low key music. Clean table tops. Cute bathroom with sheet music covering the walls.

Cons: Only open until 10pm. Not enough outlets. No bourbon.


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