Masque Bar – Sheet masks at Target!


Looks like sheet masks have finally made it to Target. Well, briefly. I got this when they were still sold in stores, but apparently now they’re only available online. This box came with 4 mud sachets and one free trial sheet mask. I actually misread the box and thought that they were mud sheets, so I was a little disappointed that I ended up with 4 bags of mud. They had kaolin in them though, which is great for drawing out gunk from your pores. All in all, it was a soothing mud mask, no stinging at all. The application is messy, although there is enough for 2 masks per sachet if you’re willing to save half for later.

Now for the actual sheet mask. I was thrilled when I heard Target would be carrying sheets masks, because it’s not often that I find myself in an Asian beauty store. I really hope they make them available in-store again soon because I’m not willing to pay for S&H. If you get the brightening sheet box set, the total comes to $9.49 for 3 masks. That’s about $3 per mask, which is the average price, so you’re not really saving any money buying the set. However, if the set was sold in-stores, I would get it because I was quite satisfied with the results.

This mask claims to brighten, correct, and illuminate. I’d say my skin tone definitely looked more even and radiant after using it for 30 minutes. The sheet has a very pleasant scent that’s crisp and not too strong. You don’t end up getting too moisturized, since that’s not the purpose of the mask, instead your overall skin tone will appear luminous. Coverage is very good, and the eye flaps fit nicely.  Only downside was that the mask left a line running across the top of my cheeks. It eventually disappeared though.

Masque Bar by Look Beauty

Grade: B+

Pros: Definitely left my skin feeling smoother, was practically glowing from within. Dark spots were lightened. Decent amount of fruit extracts in the serum, scent isn’t overpowering. A nice way to treat yourself to a spa night at home.

Here’s the full line:

Masque Bar

Cons: No price cut for buying the set. Only available online at the moment. I do not recommend the sachets – too messy, and not worth the price.





2 thoughts on “Masque Bar – Sheet masks at Target!

  1. I saw these at my local Target and wanted to try them. I will have to poke around your blog for more beauty recommendations. I need to start taking better care of my skin. Thanks for the review!

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