Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 1.18.00 AMBy now most of you have heard that Kim Hyun Joong has been accused of domestic abuse, specifically of beating his [ex] girlfriend during an argument about his infidelity. Note that he hasn’t been charged with anything, as some news sites are stating, but will be brought in for official questioning in early September. So far we’ve really only heard his side via media statements from his agency KeyEast, so it’ll be good to hear what he actually has to say. The evidence so far does not look good, and according to Kim’s agency, they did get into a physical altercation

So where does this leave his fans? We should certainly wait until actual charges are brought against him and Kim has a chance to make a statement. Most of us, including myself, probably already foresee him holding a press conference where he’ll deliver a vague explanation for his actions and then later try to settle the case out of court. It’s times like this when I have to remind myself to separate artists from their work. I know I’ll never be able to watch Playful Kiss or Boys Over Flowers the same way again. One of my dreams was to travel to Korea and see him live in concert or attend one of his fan meets. That’s never going to happen now. It really sucks, but if he committed a crime, he should be punished for it. And if he’s able to get out of a criminal charge because of his immense wealth, he should at least suffer a decline in popularity and performance opportunities. He’ll definitely lose out on anymore CF deals.

Excuse me now while I go burn all my KHJ posters. =(




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