sweet hearts

After reading MyHongKongHusband’s blog post, I decided to give some online shopping a try. Through eBay I was able to get the same price she bought her shirt for – which was $3.99 with free shipping. Some sites were selling the same shirt for $10+shipping&handling! It pays to look around even if you’re just shopping from the comfort of your chair.

It came in the mail pretty wrinkled, but since the material is chiffon, it’ll iron out naturally after being hung up after a wash.

fullIt’s a size small, and quite fitted so the sides aren’t baggy. Could be a little longer to make it easier for tucking in, but at least your belly won’t be exposed if you raise your arms. I tend to wear a lot of tank tops and low cut tops since it’s hot in LA, so this is a nice modest shirt that can still be worn on warm weather days. Also really like the folded sleeves, a trendy detail.
Can you believe summer’s almost over? Get yourself to the beach before it’s too late!


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