Snails on a Face

Snail slime is sooo 2013. I finally decided to give this cosmetic fad a try when I came across  some masks that were infused with a mollusc ingredient. Snails are yummy when covered in butter, but did you know they also secrete a mucus that’s filled with collagen, glycolic acid, and other compounds that regenerate skin cells?

First up, the Clio mask:
Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 1.05.06 AMThis was the first mask I used after KCON because my cheeks were kind of burnt from being in the sun all day, and my complexion seemed tired. The mask was really moisturizing, but started to sting after 5 minutes. Not sure how to describe the smell….it was kind of like what I expected the belly of a snail to smell like. The sheet had good coverage, and stayed put on my face. However it wasn’t that relaxing because of the stinging feeling and snail smell, so I took it off after 15 minutes. Face was definitely moisturized though and felt refreshed.

Next up, the Darkness mask:
Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 2.29.37 AMDarkness mask – Weird brand name aside, I preferred this mask to the Clio. It had a fresh non-snail like scent, and felt nourishing against my skin. No stinging, just collagen sinking into my epidermis.  Also liked how it didn’t leave my face covered with slimy residue post-mask. Only con would be that there wasn’t enough sheet material to cover my nose. And I have an average-sized Asian nose, I swear!

Finally, a One’s Care charcoal mask:
brian_snailWanted to spread the wealth, so had the boy try it. His review? “Uhhh, it feels okay.” So there you have it! Snail on.


5 thoughts on “Snails on a Face

  1. Snail products definitely smell weird! It took me a bit to get used to the smell of the Secret Key snail cream that I’ve been using for a while. Also, the boy’s review is hilarious. Very descriptive!

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