Boiling Point ~ Hot Pot


No, I haven’t reached my anger threshold, just went to get some hot pot at Boiling Point in LA’s “real” Chinatown, the San Gabriel Valley. During lunch hours they do a special where you get your choice of hot pot +noodle/rice and a green/black tea for $9.99. My friends got extra ramen in their hot pots, which looked yummy, but I wasn’t in a carby mood, so I got the kimchi hot pot.

20140705_124527The kimchi was mild to the point of being flavorless, as was the broth. I did enjoy the noodles and raw egg though. For me, the point of hot pot is to enjoy the camaraderie of sharing one large pot, so that experience is lost in this restaurant where everyone’s chowing down on their individual stoves. I guess if you have friends who have allergies or are vegetarian this would be the place to take them. Just don’t expect too much flavor from the kimchi pot.


I didn’t really try the other pots so I won’t give a full review, but the bathrooms were clean, service was friendly, and the dessert display included macaron ice cream sandwiches. So I might go back. For dessert.


Boiling Point
1370 Fullerton Rd
Ste 102
Rowland Heights, CA 91748





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