Let’s Eat

I loved loved loved this k-drama. It’s incredibly simple and dare I say saccharine, but I think that’s part of the appeal. None of the characters are terribly annoying, there’s good acting all around, fun fashion, and solid writing. What sets “Let’s Eat” apart from other great k-dramas who have serious dramatic backing is the amazing food porn.


Yep, every episode is centered around a delicious dish that the characters come together to demolish in a very staged, very indulgent, food montage complete with close-ups of mouths chewing and chopsticks swirling. You can’t watch this kdrama without gaining weight. =p
Our heroine, Lee So Kyung, is a thirty something noona who lives by herself.
lets eat 3
After a failed marriage, she’s determined to be self-sufficient. But after nearly choking on take-out dinner for one, she realizes that one day her corpse could be discovered by her landlord weeks after death. Luckily, two neighbors move in on her floor and readily nudge her into a foodie friendship – the three single yuppies make a pact to call each other whenever they find a yummy restaurant they want to try. It’s the perfect arrangement – no more eating alone! that is…until love complicates their meals.

Neighbor #1, Dae Young, is a messy insurance man who writes a food blog that consists mainly of pictures of the empty dishes that are left after a tasty meal. He also hates doing laundry, so he leaves all his clothes at the dry cleaners.

Neighbor #2, Jin Yi, designs outfits for dogs and has no idea how to save money because her father used to be a rich businessman, but is now in prison for fraud. She’s cute and chipper, exactly what you’d expect for Dae Young’s dongsaeng. He helps her keep track of her finances, and in return she falls madly in love with him.
fullsizephoto375509Of course, Dae Young prefers older woman and instead falls in love with So Kyung. Granted they’re only a few a years apart, and noona relationships are becoming more common in Korea …
noonasit’s still rare to see one done right — where the older woman isn’t portrayed as a desperate idiot and the younger man isn’t completely immature. I’d say this couple is on the same page because of their mutual love for good food. But how do they stay so skinny??
Unfortunately, So Kyung’s got her own secret admirer, or shall I say, spurned lover who’s trying to make her life miserable while actually crushing on her. So Kyung’s boss, Hak Moon, is an attorney who has loved So Kyung ever since law school. But he never even registered on her radar even though they were students in the same class. So Kyung has no idea of his true feelings for her, thus causing Hak Moon to spiral into lovelorn madness.
Hak Moon was definitely a surprise comedic character. When he first appeared in the first episode, I thought he was just a background actor. Then I thought he was just too attractive to be taken seriously. Then I realized, this guy can act. He’s kind of like the Jon Hamm of Korea. Great comedic chops, but he kills with his dramatic lines. Have to find more shows where he’s the romantic lead!
I mean seriously — how does this –
Let's_Eat-0002become this??
So yeah. There are lots of good things onscreen to watch in this kdrama. The plot line is also quite substantial. All of the characters are fairly relateable in that they’re not part of any crazy get-rich schemes or have secret blood ties. They’re your typical urban professionals who have the usual struggles of paying rent, sticking with an office job you hate because you have a family to support, and striving to do well in your career – even if that means winning a trophy that says “King of Insurance.” The dramatic subplot concerning a killer who attacks single women at night is well executed and even creeped me out. It definitely kept this kdrama from straying too far into love triangle food porn territory.

So yeah, if you love food, romance, and live alone — watch Let’s Eat!!

Let’s Eat

Grade: A

Pros: The FOOOD!!! If you read food blogs so you can salivate over the pictures, then this is the kdrama for you. Also, great acting, solid storylines, fun outfits, and really touching scenes that illuminate why life is better when you eat with friends. I’ve lived in the big city for several years now and I still get depressed when I think of all the missed connections I’ve had with people that I share a wall with. This kdrama does a great job of subtly pointing out the idiosyncrasies of living alone in a building that’s filled with single room occupants.

Cons: Ummmm…. getting fat after watching episode after episode of gorgeously filmed meals?



2 thoughts on “Let’s Eat

  1. I LOVED this show and looked forward to the next episode every time it aired! I also ate a lot while watching it (even after dinner) because if not, I’m sure I would have salivated all over the computer. Such a great show!

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