Snow LA


I love hot weather, and don’t mind humidity, because it’s a great excuse to cool down with icy desserts!

Snow LA is a shavery which was started by a husband and wife team. They’re all about making handmade, small batches of snow. And they use fresh ingredients – no artificial preservatives. Must be why their green tea snow was my favorite – it’s made with 100% Matcha from Japan. Here it is with popping mango boba.

Here’s a look at their menu:
20140704_205338I’m a big fan of Yogurtland’s topping bar, so I was excited to build my own. Although after weighing, it was about equal to a combo. And while there was definitely a variety of flavors, they didn’t really complement each other. Oreos and lychee … what was I thinking?? Next time I’ll leave it to the pros and get a combo.
20140704_210019I went with the boy and his friends, so was able to try the Strawberry and Black Sesame combos.
IMAG4216The Green Tea was hands down my favorite though. The combo includes mochi (my favorite topping), a generous serving of red bean, and plenty of condensed milk. Mmmm
It was fun watching the snow get shaved down. How cute are these machines?
The cafe is a great place to chill, both literally and figuratively. The music isn’t too loud, so you can actually hold a conversation, and the ambience is cute and trendy.  Lots of amazing framed art on the walls. They even have a terrarium. Can’t wait to come back here!

Snow LA

3470 West 6th Street #2B
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Grade: A

Pros: HUGE servings for a fair price, fresh and natural ingredients, lots of combo choices and interesting toppings. Fun place to hang out with your friends or a good book. Clean and bright bathroom. Friendly service.

Cons: Parking sucks. There’s valet if you’re willing to pay for parking. I hate paying for parking.


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