Tikkun Spa


If you’re in Santa Monica and want the Korean spa experience then Tikkun’s the one for you. They also offer a v-steam which my friend does NOT recommend, but I am rather curious about.


Anyways, my friends gave me a gift card for a massage as a thank you for baby-sitting their adorable cats. Hurley is my favorite.

Tikkun doesn’t have a parking lot, so I recommend going there after 6pm which is when some of the street meters stop. The spa itself is located underground on the basement level of a multipurpose building. Front desk greeters were very polite. One of them gave me a tour of the facility before handing me sandals and a sarong to wear. They also have the usual tshirt and shorts combo, but the sarong is pretty and fun to wear.

The shower stalls are stocked with what I believe are Aveda products. There’s a steam room and dry sauna. Steam room has a large spray bottle of eucalyptus for your use. The clay sauna is small and better-suited  for skinny folks if you want to lie completely prone on the bench.


There’s a jacuzzi, which could be hotter temperature-wise but is relaxing. There are only jets on one side of the pool. Sorry dudes, no jacuzzi in the men’s section.

The bathroom is very clean which I appreciate, as are the floors. In general, the whole place is squeaky clean compared to spas in K-town where you’ll find that the soles of your feet get black if you walk around barefoot and there are stray hairs everywhere.

The place is tiny, the specialty rooms are designed for groups of 2-3. Luckily I came on a Wednesday night so I got each room to myself. =)

Started off with the salt room, then the clay room. There are no clay balls in the clay room, I think you’re supposed to just absorb the clay on the wall.  Then the jade room which has this big therapeutic mattress on the ground. And finally the ice room for a nice cool down.

They have tea and cucumber water available, but the tea dispenser was out when I got there.  There’s a decent magazine selection in the waiting area, but I was so relaxed I didn’t mind just staring off into space while I waited for my massage therapist to get me.

She took me down a long hallway of treatment rooms. When I got into hers the smell really hit me. It was stank, stagnant, like two old men had just taken a nap in there. Guess that’s what happens when you build a spa in a basement. The room really could’ve used a window or at least an air-filter. That was really the only bummer though during the massage, which was great. She kept telling me to take deep breaths and I was thinking to myself do I really want to breathe in this air? But really, the massage itself was amazing and exactly what my muscles needed … any other bloggers suffer from carpal tunnel?

Entrance fee for this spa is pretty pricey ($40??) so you might as well get a treatment to bundle it together.

Tikkun Holistic Spa
1460 4th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Grade: B+

Pros: Fancy schmancy, great location in Santa Monica next to the beach, friendly staff, clean facilities, quiet atmosphere due to the lack of kids, key code lockers (which I prefer because who wants to wear a key wristband at a spa?), and clean floors because everyone’s given a pair of sandals to wear.

Cons: Tiny rooms, lukewarm pool, stale air, and a hefty entrance fee. Also, there’s nothing special about the products they offer at the vanity tables.



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