flowers and bees

Wandered into a random beauty store while in San Gabriel for an audition, so I picked up a couple masks. Neither of them turned out well, so I guess this is more of a warning post, a Do-Not-Buy flag for those of you who enjoy trying out new masks.


The lavender mask did NOT smell like lavender. Such a let-down. I was so looking forward to a relaxing mask I could wear to bed, but I couldn’t stand the synthetic chemical smell that erupted out of the packet as soon as I opened it. I managed to wear it for a minute before I gave up because the scent was so unappealing.

Next up, the bee mask. I really love the Burt’s Bees line. I use their Royal Jelly products. Their Radiance facial cleanser is part of my morning routine. So I was happy to see a honey bee mask. What is royal jelly?  Uhhhhh, so kind of gross, but it’s secreted from the heads of bees and fed to their larvae. When they want to “create” a queen bee, they feed a select group of larvae tons of royal jelly. The jelly triggers something special in these baby bees, causing at least one of them to develop into a queen bee … hence the name “royal jelly.”



I was a little confused when I opened up the packaging for the bee mask because everything is tightly sealed and covered in plastic. Make sure you’re alert when you open this mask and take your time so nothing drops onto the floor. The mask comes in two pieces, a top part for your eyes/forehead, and a bottom part for your chin. Not sure if that’s more effective, it’s not like I got more coverage by having to open up two masks for one face. The mask itself is made up of plasticky sheets covered with the serum. Kind of stung around the eyes (no pun intended) and the mask felt heavy because of the the thicker material. Instead of feeling like I was getting intense moisture, I felt the moisture from my skin getting sucked out. I do not recommend this mask if you want to relax, but it does tighten your skin. It’s the kind of mask that doesn’t leave a glistening sheen after you take it off, so you can go straight out to your day with worrying about shiny residue.

p.s. The store I went to (Magic Belle) has a great selection of various masks and other Asian beauty products so I totally recommend going there, just don’t buy the lavender face mask unless you want to open up a package of yuck.

Magic Belle
140 W Valley Blvd.San Gabriel, CA 91776



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