Destini Cafe

Wow, looks like it is possible to get decent Korean food on the Westside after all. Far from K-town, in chilly Playa del Rey, I enjoyed a nice bowl of bibimbap.

My friend Laura got the vegetarian option while I got the beef.


The veggies tasted fairly fresh and the meat was decent. Although for me, the fun of eating bibimbap is when it’s served in a stone pot so the egg is sizzling and you get a nice surprise on the bottom in the form of golden brown, crispy rice. Also…this dish doesn’t come with banchan. You squirt the hot sauce from a plastic bottle.

The ambience of this place is peaceful. There’s a giant statue of Buddha against the wall and the air smells of ocean. The servers are attentive and friendly. I recommend trying one of their loose leaf teas. W shared a pot of Puerh which was excellent and kept at just the right temperature.


The owners of Destini are Korean and committed to serving healthy food. Their menu features various Asian dishes. I’ve never seen a restaurant that serves Korean, Chinese, Singaporean, AND Thai food.  Will have to go back and try a different cuisine!


Destini Cafe

423 Culver Blvd
Playa Del Rey, CA90293





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