Kobawoo woo-hoo!

Had a delicious dinner at Kobawoo!

I got dolsot bibimbap. Delicious down to the scorched rice on the bottom of the stone bowl.

bibimbapI don’t know why, but mashing everything together is super fun. Loved the sizzling egg that came with it –

eggMy friend got the galbi which we both agreed had been cooked to the right level of chewiness and flavor.

Just the right amount of banchan, glad we got seconds on the rolled omelette side (gyeranmari).

banchanOur eyes were bigger than our stomachs so we also shared a kimchi pancake, but were both too full to finish it. Glad I got to try it though, so I have more room to try other dishes next time I go.

Kobawoo House
698 S Vermont Ave #109,
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Grade: A

Pros: Great service, clean bathroom, nice interior design. And yeah … I want to try everything on the menu, including the lunch specials! We went for dinner, so the bossam dish I wanted was $20, but it’s half off during lunch =)

Cons: Parking’s tough. There’s a valet lot for $1.50. Get there early for dinner, a line starts to form around 8pm.


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