Excited for the premiere of Fresh Off The Boat. I’ve always loved Randall Park’s work. He makes comedy look effortless because he never seems to be in his head when he delivers lines. Constance Wu is hilarious as his wife … from what I could tell from the trailer –

although I am pissed that Wu is 26, making her 14 years younger than her co-star, Park. How many moms with 3 school age children actually have the time to make themselves look like this?

There are so many other age appropriate Asian American actresses that could have been cast. If Hollywood keeps bombarding the public with images of how women SHOULD look as moms, we’re stuck forever trying to shell out time and money to achieve this ridiculous stereotype. I’m not a huge fan of Modern Family, but at least Julie Bowen looks the part of a mother of three, even when she’s glammed up for the camera.

Fresh Off the Boat is based off Eddie Huang’s memoir. For those of you who don’t know Eddie Huang,  he sued The Chairman. This is what he had to say after he won:

I would like to thank my attorney James Hsiao. That ninja held me down. Fuck chairman truck and the chef running it. You should have named ur shit bukakke truck but clearly you want to be Chinese. Like our sister accounting firm, the Jews, you got to ask 3 times. All praise be to Allah. Ima go feed my pigeons.

Yep, he’s one fat wannabe gangster.

Misgivings noted, still excited to see a sitcom on primetime featuring a solid Asian American cast. Will get around to reading the book eventually.



2 thoughts on “FOB

  1. I know that reading books nowadays is so has-been, but if you want to know anything there is to know about Asians immigrants and risky behavior, check out Long Wong Charlie’s new book ALL GOOD DRAGONS HAVE WONTON FOR BREAKFAST. It’s not only funny, it’s sugar free! AND without the ads…

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