Ddukbokki at the Mall

Dinner at the Koreatown Galleria! I got there early so I walked through the student art contest.

After watching “Let’s Eat” I’ve been curious about Ddukbokk (spicy rice cake usually served with veggies and fish cake.) I don’t really like rice cakes, it reminds me of childhood food that was forced upon me, but I figured with the right seasoning it might taste okay.  According to Yelp, Mannaria was the place to try it.

20140510_195513Pretty good deal – for $10 you get a HUGE plate of Ddukbokk with a side of gimbap, soup, and two banchan.

20140510_192049I liked the soup …. but that was about it. Still not a rice cake fan, too glutinous. I think with the right seasoning it could be tasty, and I’ve heard that adding anchovies to the broth is the trick. This dish lacked flavor. It was spicy but in a flat sort of way that just makes your nose drip while your tongue is bored. I was hoping for variety with the dumplings, but they were also pretty flavorless as well. The gimbap tasted like they’d been sitting around for a day or two. I enjoyed the hard boiled egg?

My friend got noodles at this place — 20140510_195504
And she really enjoyed them so I’ll have to try noodles the next time I head to the ktown food court. I’m going to stay away from Ddukbokki for awhile though.

I had plans to go hiking the next day so I stopped by Cake House to grab some snacks for the trail. After two hours of sitting in my backpack they were warm from the sun and smelled like they came out of the oven. Hah.




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