shout out for KkoKko


So lately I’ve been reading Misty Yoon’s blog – a collection of recipes and slice of life posts. I randomly found this blog when I was watching the kdrama “Let’s Eat” and the characters talked about eating pork belly with tofu bossam. Of course, I had to google the recipe, and up popped Misty’s blog complete with directions and pics for how to make a healthier version of this amazing dish.


Check it out and be prepared to get hungry staring at her carefully crafted meals. This ain’t no Smitten Kitchen, with beautifully arranged photo set-ups and rustic lighting. In fact, a lot of her pics (especially the ones of her delightful family) are out of focus and devoid of any photoshop glamor. But for whatever reason it adds to the authenticity of her blogging and gives you a more intimate portrait of one woman’s guide to raising a Korean American family. Also makes a me a little nostalgic for NorCal since she lives in the San Jose area.  just a little nostalgic …




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