Ktown Night Market

Spent this past weekend at the Ktown Night Market helping out at my friend Jade‘s booth – Curious Curations!


The crowds were insane. I got there around 9pm, and the line to GET IN was already four blocks away from the entrance. Once inside, there were lines everywhere to get food. The wait for the elusive Ramen Burger was ONE HOUR. So instead, the boy fought through the packs of hungry hipsters to get me a fried chicken sandwich created by Chef Brian Huskey (Top Chef Season 11). It has a yummy layer of taro on the bottom bun!


Also really enjoyed some strawberry snow from i-sweet.


More food I was tempted to try  –



There were also musical performances, a pop-up trunk show, and carnival games. Saw a few lucky winners walking around with giant piggies.


It’s the first year for the Ktown Night Market, so hopefully next year will be more organized. There’s got to be a better crowd control method that can be implemented. Asians are extreme foodies, so anytime there’s an Asian food event they come out in throngs.


Would be cool if these night markets were actually more like night markets in Asia – with hawkers selling fresh fruit and authentic Asian snacks. Ooo, and maybe k-drama DVDs?


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