LA K-Pop Festival

Spent Saturday night at the LA K-Pop Festival!


First time taking the Expo Line – had no idea it was so easy! Free parking, fast service, and it drops you off like 3 blocks away from the LA Coliseum. Never driving to USC again.


The festival was held in celebration of the 1st Korean generation immigrating 111 years ago to Hawaii. Pretty cool, and awesome that tickets were free. Unfortunately, only a limited number of tickets were available on Ticketmaster and they disappeared quickly. Physical tickets were handed out in K-town, but ultimately the lack of ticket distribution led to scalpers. Also, fans that live outside LA who couldn’t secure tickets ahead of time had to cancel their travel plans. The LA Coliseum is HUGE and even though the place was packed, there were still several empty seats and a LOT of people left midway due to the cold weather and waning interest.

stadium day

I really think the organizers should have just put ALL the tickets online and made it clear that additional tickets were available at the venue.  There were also crazy lines everywhere, just as disorganized as KCON.

Taking it all in stride, I had a fun time. Saw some great outfits.

Hello Jeguk High!

Hello Jeguk High!

Poster at the DramaFever Booth

Poster at the DramaFever Booth

Besides the usual food trucks, there was hot water for ramen.

hot waterWish they had given Nongshim away or at least had samples. Only swag I got was a pen and some ginseng candy.

nongshim boxes

The concert was supposed to start at 6:30pm. They started showing music videos around 7pm. Then had singers lead us in the national anthem for America, and then South Korea. Then there were several LONG speeches. Then the Congressman in charge of foreign affairs presented the president of KBS a certificate of congressional recognition. Then we were shown a video about the history of Korean immigrants in the U.S. And then FINALLY there was the opening ceremony – a performance by the Bling Divas. An odd choice since there were plenty of children in the audience, but maybe they were booked for the older men who’d appreciate Vegas showgirls.

binoculrsThere was an impressive list of performers, a mix of old and new to appeal to every age group. Girlsday and Kim Tae Woo started everyone off with high energy. I’m not a huge fan of Dynamic Duo but they were pretty awesome.

GirlsDay flags

Left to get a pretzel during the old school acts (Song Hae, Song So Hee, Baek Ji Young). I was also super cold because I didn’t have a blanket, so I spent some time in the bathroom trying to get warm under the hand dryer. Hah, I’m such a dork.

Thrilled to finally see CNBlue in concert!!! Wished the camera guys had spent more time on Kang Min-hyuk …. first time I’ve ever been obsessed with the drummer in a band.

I was also impressed by SISTAR’s choreo. I had no idea who Sul Woon Do, but it was interesting to hear trot music from the legend himself. 2PM was amazing, lots of butt grabs. I was definitely waning by the time SHINee came onstage, but it was worth the wait. The concert concluded with the entire cast coming out to sing Arirang. The End.

program booklet


3 thoughts on “LA K-Pop Festival

  1. This was such a good concert. I think it may have been better than KCON was last summer. So much fun! I was so irritated with that cameraman too. I needed to see some eyesmiles! Pretty much all of my biases were ignored by the cameraman. I was not a CNBlue fan before the concert, but they were soooo good!

  2. For me, the festival portion was boring…with a capital B! If I had known it was going to be so sparse, I would have gone later in the day instead of right when they opened; however, I had met one of my friends for coffee that morning, and she had to be at the DramaFever booth to work it by a certain time, so we ended up carpooling to save time and money. I’m bummed about the concert ONLY because I started to get a migraine around 5:30, and was full blown by the time the concert finally began. I didn’t get to enjoy the concert as I had wanted to (I LOOOOOVE SHINee & INFINITE became a new fav that night) because I was close to passing out, but my hubby got several decent pictures, and I ordered the DVD. 😛

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