Caffe Bene

I’m baaaaaack!!! Yep, wrapped filming my horror film and am now in post-production. Editing should take a couple months. In the meantime, back to my obsession with all things Korean.

So there are two Caffe Bene’s in Koreatown, one on Wilshire and the other on Western.

I decided to check out the one on Western because it’s next to the Face Shop.


An okay Face Shop if you just want to browse and pick up a face mask. The lady at the register didn’t give me any samples though and told me my membership card was only valid for the Face Shop store that I originally signed up at. Um, you’re a franchise. You can’t keep a computerized log of your members? Then when I asked if I could sign up for a membership at this location, she said yes – and had me write my name down on a random piece of paper. And still no samples.

Anyways, Caffe Bene has the largest number of coffee houses in South Korea, so you could say it’s the Korean version of Starbucks … but with better interior decor.


My friend Jeremy got the shrimp pasta. He said it started out flavorless but got better the closer he got to the plate, which was where all the garlic and sun dried tomatoes were.

shrimpThe pastries looked tempting, but upon closer inspection I noticed a fly buzzing around the cake. Went with an iced coffee instead. Was definitely more ice than coffee, but a good excuse to hang out in a chill cafe for 3 hours.


Caffe Bene

611 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Koreatown, Wilshire Center

Grade: B-

Pros: Clean bathroom, friendly service, full menu, great decor. Good for crowds and studying, although the wifi is flaky.

Cons: On a busy street where parking is a challenge. Overpriced drinks and baked goods are balanced by the lack of pretension. Unfortunately, nothing your taste buds should get particularly excited about.



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