5 Minute Bowl


Need a fast Korean meal? Well, in about 5 minutes you can get a delicious bowl of noodles inside the Koreatown Galleria Market. There are plenty of hot ramen and cold vermicelli options. After you order, you get a buzzer that lights up when the food is ready. Convenient, so you can browse the other nearby shops until your food is ready. Did I say 5 minutes? It’s more like 10 minutes, but hey … Korean food shouldn’t be rushed.

For $7 you get a HUGE bowl that comes with sides. I forgot to ask them to cut the noodles so it was a messy lunch, but still fun to eat.


The boy got some meat –


which came with soup.


We shared the banchan.


And watched part of a k-drama while eating.


Grade: A-

Pros: Totally beats your usual food court fare.  Plus, Cake House is right next door if you want dessert afterwards. Reasonable prices, plenty of seating, clean tables.

Cons: A slight industrial cleaning smell permeates the food court. The previous time I ate here, I tried the mung bean pancakes — they looked good, but were underwhelming in the taste department.

5 Minute Bowl

440 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Koreatown, Wilshire Center


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