2AM “Nocturne”

Just got back from my first 2AM concert! Was on assignment for KPOP-TV, you can check out their website next week for my official write-up.

For now, you get to listen to the ramblings of a fan girl.

‘Nocturne’ in Christmas was 2 AM’s first solo show in Los Angeles.

Club Nokia is a maze and most of the security guards are really bad at giving directions, but at least the venue is pretty – especially when it’s decked out for the holidays! Snagged a photo op with my KPOP-TV teammate Natalie.


There weren’t too many fans waiting in line (unlike the craziness at the VIXX concert.) Pretty much just walked through security, and got some swag – a 2Am Christmas ornament!


Our press passes got us seats near the front, left of stage, right behind the VIP section. It wasn’t the best viewing angle, but we could see the monitors really well. The first video explained how “Nocturne” is defined as a piece of music appropriate for evening. 2Am came out and the crowd went crazy. Canto speakers behind me shrieked, the ahjummas craned their necks for a better view, and the security guards started mad dogging anyone who had their camera phones out. (JYP refused to allow anyone in the audience to take photos.)

The make-up artist didn’t do the greatest job. When the camera ops for the monitors did close-ups you could see several skin imperfections on the boys’ faces. I assume someone on crew noticed, because they stopped doing close-ups after the opening song.

For their first two songs the boys were dressed in grey tailored suits and leather dress shoes. They were handsome in a chaebol kind of way, though they also looked like high school Mock Trial students who randomly decided to sing their closing statements. Changmin wore glasses and as usual, was infinitely more attractive than his band mates.

When “One Spring Day started” the audience went wild.  The boys turned their mics around to us so everyone could join in on the chorus.

Gwaenchanha gwaenchanha gwaenchanha
Modu da yeogi noko gamyeon dwae
Chueokdeul heunjeokdeul modu

We were rewarded for our efforts with a thumbs up from Changmin. And then the boys gave each other love pats on their butts.  Not going to say what I was thinking.

2Am then spent some time talking to the audience about their visit to LA. Jinwoon joked about having lady-friends all over the world and being a player. The boys shared that they had gone to Universal Studios and were impressed by the Revenge of the Mummy ride. They also enjoyed getting food from In-N-Out Burger for the first time.

I was a little confused by the drag sequence following their chat with the audience. It started with a video of Changmin waking up and watching the weather on T.V. Except that the weather girl was … Changmin. Cut back to the stage, we see Changmin come out dressed as a woman. He was in a red dress with a weird fringe, wore a wig with pigtails, and his legs were encased in black panty hose.  It was interesting??

Next up was, what I’m going to call the “super-phallic-mic song”. Jo Kwon (whom Natalie has dubbed the male Lady Gaga) came out wearing platform studded booties and a black blazer sans undershirt. He waved around a diamond encrusted mic stand and did some killer dance moves. He was more covered up during the concert, but here’s a pic so you can have an idea of what was going on underneath his blazer.


Then the boys transitioned to a few cover songs – Billie Jean, Moves Like Jagger, and Growl (EXO).

They did a very impressive human puppet dance while dressed in black T-shirts and flannels. Poor Jinwoon was still recovering from an injury, so he wasn’t able to dance much.

For the encore, they sang their debut song “This Song,” and gave a touching explanation of how when they released their first single none of them imagined that they’d someday be performing all over the world. Then, just before this magical evening ended, they gave us one last song – “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” Paper snow exploded from the ceilings, the boys tossed a few towels and accessories to their front row fans, and then it was over. 2Am’s off to Taipei. And I’m off to bed.


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