The Purgation

I love watching Korean dramas because it’s easier to relate to people who look like you. It’s the reason why the majority of Hollywood films have white leading actors, while the supporting cast is frittered with ethnic characters that reinforce stereotypical behavior.

I get it, currently, the U.S. has a larger population of whites than non-whites, but the numbers are changing. And especially in the coastal areas, there is a rising demand for entertainment which features strong ethnic characters.

I’m bothered when amazing Korean films like Old Boy and A Tale of Two Sisters are remade in Hollywood with almost no Asian actors. If you’re going to draw inspiration from another culture, shouldn’t you at least give a shout-out to that culture in your artistic project?

Instead, this –

gets replaced by this –

A Tale of Two Sisters is redone as The Uninvited

I’m not saying these great pieces of cinematic art can’t be remade, but do it so the original films get more press, and we can spread the fruits of Hallyu, and do it so Asian American actors — who rarely get a chance to take on leading roles  — get to be part of the main cast.

This is part of the reason why, after years of preparation, I’m finally about to embark on my first feature film – a psychological thriller inspired by Asian horror.  The story follows a young girl who takes her friends into an abandoned insane asylum. Once inside, they find themselves trapped in a world of terror and pure evil. To escape, they must face their own fears.

If you support Asian American actors, Asian cinema, and female filmmakers —  then join me on this incredible journey to create a solid horror film. Together, we can do it!

To find out more and to lend your support, click here for my Indiegogo campaign.

Every dollar counts. Like seriously, even $1 would make my day because it means one more person out there believes in my mission. Even if you can’t donate at this time, please spread the word –

Koreandaydreamer is making her dream come true – let’s make a movie!

Thanks for reading!



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