Happy Thanksgiving!

So I’m a little late with this post because of my post-feast food coma, but I wanted to list here all the reasons I’m thankful for Korean dramas.

5) Getting to see Asians onscreen. Hollywood has a long way to go before their casts reflect the true diversity of the world we live in. The U.S. is an incredibly diverse country, but we rarely see people of color onscreen unless they’re part of the supporting cast and playing a stereotypical character. This method of casting is detrimental because constantly having white people in leading roles shows the audience that “white” is the ideal – for beauty, intelligence, strength and moral character. Watching  people who look like me (Asians) take on complex and varied leading roles in K-dramas is not only a boost to my industry aspirations, but a boost to my self-esteem. Thank you K-dramas.

4) The fashion! Sure, Korean fashion can be a lil over-the-top and silly, but it’s different and cute and exactly what I want to wear. Thank you K-dramas.

3) The humor. Asian humor is distinctly different from American humor. For example, poop references are considered cute rather than gross.  Elaborate dream sequences? -check. Effeminate men who are proudly metrosexual?
-check. Physical slapstick humor that hasn’t seen the light of day since Three’s Company? – check.

2) Strong female characters: The ahjumma. The manipulative second woman. The hard-working protagonist. Yes, for many of these women, their worlds revolve around marriage and family, but they don’t let social limitations stop them from dreaming, from taking action, from kicking-ass.

1) The power of love. Even the most cynical person has to admit that Korean dramas prove love still exists. Even if it’s just a itty tiny bitty speck of love in your cold cold heart, Korean dramas show how love can transcend social boundaries, loan shark debt, age, IQ, mild incest, familial disapproval, a two year time dash, distance, and even death. Korean drama love is at its core, pure and undying with a dash of reality to keep it grounded. Isn’t that the kind of love we should all strive for?
Thank you K-dramas!

Happy holidays everyone!!


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