Korean Cinema at AFM


This weekend while I was hanging out at American Film Market, (a big convention in Santa Monica where production companies try to get distribution for their movies) I got a sneak peak at a couple cool posters from –

CJ Entertainment


and their biggest rival, Lotte –


I really hope one of these companies produces a global hit soon. Someday, instead of an American studio remaking a solid film like Old Boy, the original will just get wide release. Fingers crossed.

Also checked out kocca. They rented out FOUR rooms! As a point of comparison, established film studios like The Weinstein Company rented two-room connecting offices for their meetings. Korea’s serious about bringing Hallyu to Hollywood.


KOCCA was mainly there to promote South Korean CG technology, but they were nice enough to refer me to Mark Myeongsoo Lee, of M Global. Lee sat down to chat with me about his latest project with KOCCA – a reality audition show that will place aspiring k-pop stars from around the world into one international rock band. The series, expected to air next fall, will be called “Special K”. Musicians in Korea, Japan, the U.K., and the United States will be invited to audition for the show. If cast, they will receive special idol training and a shot at global stardom.

Sounds kind of similar to Survival Audition K-pop Star and K-Pop Star Hunt right?

One difference will be that the judges’ panel for Special K will include reps from around the world. Talent agencies like William Morris will be checking out the fresh talent. Looking forward to auditions in K-Town!


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