NHEB-05 soap

Finally got the chance to use this bar of soap that I bought at KCON.


I was browsing towards the end of the event, and saw that they had marked it down from $7 to $4. After talking to the guy, he agreed to bring it down to $3. Then when I took out my wallet, he knocked it down to $2. Maybe I should stop using my high school velcro wallet, it makes me look rather pitiful.


I was surprised at how well this soap lathers. It also has nubs on one side for exfoliation. There’s a light oatmeal scent. It’s made from coconut butter and is hypo allergenic, gentle enough for a baby.


You can find the soap in k-town at  Kim’s Home Center aka the Korean version of Target.

Angel’s Magic NHEB 05 Natural Soap

Grade: A-

Pros: Lots of lather, no sulfates or weird chunks of herbs that clog up your bath, natural ingredients, light and soothing scent.

Cons: Very small, it’s about a quarter of the size of a Dove bar. And online it retails at $7. So unless you can get a deal like I did through haggling, this’ll be a special occasion indulgence.


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