My Lucky Star

Full disclosure, I’m not Korean, I’m actually Chinese, so I was very excited that My Lucky Star (a joint Chinese and American production) is now in U.S. theaters! It’s not everyday that you can watch a romantic comedy staring an entirely Asian cast on the big screen.  I had the awesome opportunity to chat with one of the writers about the filming process. You can check out my interview here at Dramafever.

My Lucky Star is a prequel to Sophie’s Revenge, and explores the quirky character that Zhang Ziyi embodied for her first rom-com. I like to describe Sophie as Amélie on crack. She’s whimsical, zany, and a tad dense when it comes to confronting reality.

Luckily, the world she inhabits is about as far from reality as you can get. Sophie spends her days doodling on printer paper in her cubicle while half-assing her job as a travel agent.

By a stroke of luck, she wins an all expense trip to Singapore! Her best friends in Beijing  promise that they’ll go with her so she won’t have to travel alone …. but they end up flaking. Which is fine, because on her way to check in at her hotel she bumps into a very handsome stranger.

William (played by Taiwanese American heartthrob Leehom Wang) is a spy on a mission to retrieve a special diamond. This diamond can potentially be used to create a weapon that will destroy the world. Sophie accidentally gets herself tangled into this madcap caper, and he’s left with no choice but to train her as a temporary agent. Apparently 48 hours is all you need to become a top secret spy.

We’ve all seen Zhang Ziyi kick some major ass in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, so it was amusing to watch William “teach” her how to do kung fun. Oh, and part of her cover includes dancing in a burlesque club.  Pretty risqué outfits, eh?

Sophie eventually falls for William, and they have various romantic interludes.

– while traipsing through the gorgeous landscapes of Singapore, Macau, and Hong Kong.

Zhang  really carries this film with her million dollar smile and effervescent chatter. As her love interest, Leehom Wang cuts a very attractive figure, but there doesn’t seem to be much behind his symmetrical face. It’s a good thing his tech sidekick is always there to round out their crime fighting triangle because I shudder to think of the painful conversation they’d have with just the two of them in a room.

Wang did a great job as a supporting actor in Lust, Caution so it’s unfortunate that he can’t pull off the charisma needed to be a leading man. Since this is a prequel, maybe we’re not supposed to fall in love with him too much because we know Sophie eventually ends up with her soul mate, Gorden?

If you sit back and just enjoy the ride, My Lucky Star won’t disappoint. Like a kdrama, you’re not meant to dwell on the plot holes. Just fall in love.

My Lucky Star

Grade: B+

Pros: Gorgeous visuals, hilarious antics, fun outfits, and an exciting adventure. If anything, watch it for Zhang’s amazing off-the-wall performance.  In fact, all the female actresses  (Terri Kwan, Yao Chen, Ruby Lin) will have you cheering for their successful combination of sexiness and comedic finesse.

Cons: A lukewarm romance and a less-than-stellar love interest.  The spy thriller plot line is thin at best.


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