626 Night Market

I really wish we had an Asian night market on the Westside!!! Really craving some boba right now. And a kimchi hot dog from Kogi.  Scallion pancake, hodduk, takoyaki… I should probably just stop now and make dinner.
Here’s a video I worked on for 626 Night Market. Shot on location. [Find me at 2:09 playing the stage manager.]

I found out after the fact that I’d be acting opposite the talented Ellen Kim, a dance choreographer who’s worked with several K-pop stars, including my current crush, Kim Hyun-Joong. I was surprised to hear that Korean studios frequently fly over American talent to help with dance choreography on K-pop music videos. A lot of the K-pop hits are also manufactured in Hollywood recording studios.

Anyways, back to Hyun Joong, Ellen told me that after a dance session he invited the whole crew over to his condo and nonchalantly opened an outrageously expensive bottle of liquor to share with everybody.  kekeke


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