Wi Spa

Finally got the boy to go to a Korean spa with me! Whee! Wi!
We went on Friday, which is family night, so at 10pm the place was packed with hyperactive kids running around. I have a friend who refuses to go on Friday since she can’t relax when unsupervised kids are playing towel tag in the ice room.  Totally understood how she felt when a toddler stepped onto my mok-ch’im and mad dogged me into pushing him off.  But overall the kids are super cute and they all fall asleep after midnight anyways, so I actually prefer going on Friday nights for the entertainment value.

Normal entrance fee for adults is $25 ($15 before 10am). Pricey yes, but I’ve always been able to find GroupOn deals and other discounts.

After paying, you get an electronic wrist key  for your locker and a comfy pair of Wi shorts and a T-shirt to change into for the jimjilbang. The women’s area is pleasantly lit with several vanity tables for primping. Generic lotions and shampoos are provided. There was a large bowl of salt for brushing your teeth, which I found to be a very refreshing experience. After my shower, I spent a couple minutes in the sauna before heading to the co-ed area to locate the boy.  My friend tried to get a body scrub appointment (I hear they’re amazing!) but they were already booked so she stayed in the women’s area a little longer for a DIY option. And to take advantage of the hot and cold tubs.

The co-ed area is definitely geared towards families and couples, so come with a friend! There’s a cute play area for kids. When I popped in, a dozen of them were glued to the TV screen watching a video game. After checking my email at the computer station, I grabbed a book from the manga library and sat down on the mats for some time with the boy. Sitting opposite from us were a dozen more kids glued to their iPad screens.

Spas don’t make me crave food, but the smells coming from the restaurant were hard to resist so we got a bowl of patbingsu to share.


And by ‘share’ I mean I ate most of it.


Wi has five sauna rooms:

* Jade room – Beautifully decorated, but there were stones missing from the wall which makes me wonder if the kids were pilfering them.

* Salt room – The boy liked this room, but I didn’t spend too much time in here because my feet hurt from walking over the hot salt rocks. They’re sharp!

* Charcoal room – Lie on a bed of clay balls and watch a k-drama!

* Bulgama – This room can reach up to 231 degrees Fahrenheit. I love dry heat. I think I had a spiritual experience lying in here. No one bothered me because they all thought I was crazy (it’s currently 100 degrees in LA, why subject yourself to more heat??).

* Ice room – I watched two kids dare each other to lick the wall.

All in all a very fun night.

Wi Spa

Grade: A-

Pros: Free, gated parking.  Open 24/7. Lots to do,  if you’re a chronic multitasker like me you won’t get bored. Still need to check out the rooftop garden and gym. Great place for a relaxing date night, a bonding experience with that second male lead, or gossip time with the girls.

Cons: Could be cleaner, the lounge area has a limited selection of fashion magazines. Noise level will get loud when babies start crying and toddlers throw tantrums.


2700 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90057
Neighborhood: Westlake


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