Road to Seoul

I smell like I just rolled around in a pile of meat and then dried my hair over a fire pit. Yep, AYCE KBBQ. For $17.99 at Road to Seoul we got platters of beef brisket, rib meat, sirloin, and bulgogi. I always have fun imagining I’m in my own little kdrama while neatly wrapping my meats into lettuce envelopes. The bbq chicken was the most flavorful and didn’t need any additional seasonings.


The baby octopus was also delicious and creepily interesting to watch while it “danced” on the grill. Wish I had taken video!! Just imagine curling tentacles and shaking heads.


The banchan was average. Wasn’t keen on having to cut up my own kimchi. Standouts include the steamed egg souffle and kimchijeon. One of my friends really enjoyed the potato salad, but I wasn’t particularly impressed.


Bad lighting, sorry.


I expect to to inhale a bit of smoke at any KBBQ place, but the ventilation was so bad that my friend had to resort to this –


Customer service was spotty. Keep an eye on your grill because you’ll have to tend to your meats yourself. Halfway through the meal an ahjumma came and quickly and expertly tossed several pieces of meat onto the grill for us, and then quickly disappeared as soon as my friend tried to order more food. When the waitstaff came to change our grills so we could cook more meat, they were so hasty that one of my friends almost got her cheek branded when they pulled the grill off the table. Bottom line, it’s a busy restaurant so expect to repeat yourself and be patient.

Grade: B

Pros: Great for large groups of people, blasting of Top 40 hits and K-pop makes you feel like you’re clubbing at your table, there’s $2 valet plus plenty of street parking, decent AYCE price for a variety of food.

Cons: Mediocre beef, laughable service. Oh and expect to take a shower right afterwards.


Road to Seoul
1230 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(323) 731-9292


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