Chicago New York Bakery

I just came back from a trip to the Midwest. Usually when I go to Chicago, getting some deep dish pizza is always a priority. During this visit, I also got to check out Chicago’s Korean neighborhood for the first time. It’s not a huge neighborhood, but there were definitely some good looking restaurants. Since we were on a schedule, there was only time to step into a bakery.
Not sure why the owners named it “New York Bakery.” So just to clarify, this is located in CHICAGO.  They make custom wedding cakes and supply baked goods to local Asian grocery stores.


Lots of yummy breads.


Food labels designed by the owners’ daughter. Love how you can see the Hangul, the Romanization, English description, AND a picture!


Got two of these, plus an assortment of other pastries. It’s not the same as getting hotteok hot off the griddle, but these were nice for traveling since they kept well in the suitcase. Also really enjoyed the butter cream buns, sweet corn pastry, and fried rice ball donuts.


But the best part of course was the patbingsu! Perfect for a hot summer day. Loved how the creamy shaved ice had been soaked in just the right amount of milk. (Regular milk, not condensed.) Toppings included red bean, mochi, kiwi, strawberries, fermented soybean powder, and vanilla ice cream.
No, I didn’t eat all three of these. I was barely able to finish one. The bowls were HUGE! Very filling and delicious.


New York Bakery
3455 W Lawrence Ave
(between Bernard St & St Louis Ave)
Chicago, IL 60625
Neighborhood: Albany Park

(773) 604-8820


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