Hugh Spa

Was super burnt out after a long week of teaching teenagers bent on making my life miserable, and then a long (but fun) shoot today, so I headed to Hugh Spa for a long nap.


It’s located on the second floor of a tiny strip mall which includes a Subway and 24 hour donut shop. Hugh Spa closes at midnight. I went in at 9pm, and could’ve left after two hours, but I stayed until 11:30pm to get my money’s worth. For the $15 entry fee, the jjimjilbang is a good deal, however, without a unisex area to mingle or a pool to float in, I eventually got bored with the rooms.

Jade Steam Sauna: Basic design. Was at just the right temperature to open up my pores

Charcoal Mud Clay Room: Super hot, I had to prop my soles up. After my third round though I was able to tolerate the red clay balls a little better. I liked the enclosed feeling of lying inside individual clay “coffins”.

Himalayan salt room: Had a strange smell so I only went in twice.

Ice room: Refreshing, although I did see a few black hairs stuck on the frosty wall.

Infrared Magnet Room: A tiny, dark room. The rays are supposed to heal skin problems like acne, and the magnets aid blood flow.

Herbal Tub: Like taking a bath in a cup of tea

Oxygen Room: My favorite! No, the air didn’t smell cleaner, but the temperature was comfortable enough for me to actually nap.

Cafeteria: I didn’t order anything. What I saw people eating looked good, albeit pricey. There’s complimentary water. Tea is fifty cents.

On the fence about whether I’d want to go back or not.

Grade: B-

Pros: Not too crowded, exclusively for women, entrance fee ($15) is cheaper than the larger spas.

Cons: You only get two small towels. Good for the environment, but not so great for drying off after a shower. Could be cleaner. Some nice smelling lotion was provided, but the bottles were nearly empty.


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