The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

I know I’m in the minority with this review, but I absolutely did NOT like Coffee Prince. I normally enjoy gender bending stories. I remember wishing as a little girl that I could run away and join the Three Musketeers as their knave. Unfortunately, this series was like a cup of coffee you grab from the break room. Since it’s free you might as well give it a try, but it’s too terrible to finish.

Maybe since the series premiered in 2007, cameras back then couldn’t provide the high def images we’re used to seeing now, but everything onscreen just looked blah.  From the boring coffee house uniforms (black and white) to the oily skin and open pores on every actor’s face during close-up shots, it made me wonder what the DoP had in mind.

I didn’t find any of the male actors attractive. The lead, Choi Han-gyul, (Gong Yoo) does not have leading man features.

Combined with his ineptitude in running a small business and his inherent laziness because he’s a rich boy, I couldn’t understand why the female lead Go Eun-chan (Yoon Eun-hye) was supposed to be attracted to him. Yoon’s a super sexy lady.

So why the hell is she so fugly dressed up as a boy?

The third wheel on their love triangle, Choi Han-seong (Lee Sun-gyun) has even less appeal.

His super deep voice got on my nerves, and his annoying ex girlfriend, Han Yoo-joo, seemed to serve no purpose but to make everyone else’s life miserable, but because she was deemed too “fragile” nobody called her out on her princess behavior.

The one redeeming quality of this series was the coffee shop’s pretty boy waffle chef, No Sun-ki (Kim Jae Wook). But he’s a minor character with minimal dialogue.

So basically I watched the first few episodes, skipped the middle, fast forwarded through the final episode, and have no idea why this series is so popular. There’s no chemistry between Yoon and Gong Yoo. Almost every scene takes place at the coffee house location which is about as interesting to look at as a block of wood. The second male lead is forgettable and never really an obstacle for the main couple. And while Eun-chan is a hardworking lead heroine, she doesn’t have any spark or charm that makes the viewer want to care if she succeeds in life or not.

stop crying already!

Grade: D+

Pros: Ummmm

Cons: See above


One thought on “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

  1. I am one of those people who LOVE Coffee Prince. Love, Love, Love it! Gong Yoo is frequently my #1 Ultimate Bias (sometimes Lee Min Ho or Joo Sang Wook or Cha Seung Won with facial hair). He is defintely smexy. His body is ridiculous. Go Eun-Chan as a boy was adorable. I thought their chemistry was crazy strong. I think that while watching a drama if you don’t like the lead yourself it is harder to get into the chemistry. Rooftop prince was hard for me like that though people seem to like it. I just don’t think that Yoochun is attractive at all. I liked the story, but I have a incredible ability to suspend my disbelief to be able to imagine why someone would think him attractive. Lee Sun-gyun is not attractive but his voice is hot and he was so nice to Eun-chan. Even though she was never really interested in him I totally wanted her to be.

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