annyeong haseyo!

Wow, this is exciting. I’m always complaining about how I don’t have enough free time, work is stressful, and my energy is too low to even consider getting up from my desk to refill my tea cup. And yet for some reason when I made the decision to start a blog about Korean dramas I felt like this would be a project I could work through the night on with a big smile on my face.

Yes, that is the appeal of Kdrama. You know it’s bad for you on some levels (it’s addictive, nothing in real life can compare to the airbrushed beauty of Hallyu stars, too much kimchi will give you indigestion) but you still keep coming back for more like a peppy high schooler fixated on her one-sided love.

So join me on my quest to explore this kdrama phenomenon as I analyze and review as many series as my brain can handle.  I’ll also share my experience with various Korean beauty products, and like any good Asian – pics of the Korean food&drink that I’m fortunate enough to enjoy here in LA and in my travels round the world.  Thanks for reading!



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