While I’m lucky enough to live in a city with a bustling Koreatown, Trader Joe’s is closer to my studio. Tried their version of bibimbap.

IMG_3636Microwave for 3 minutes. It also comes with a sauce you can pour on after heating up the bowl. Added just the right amount of kick.

Great for a quick meal. $3.49


Here’s the breakdown:

Rice – nice sticky texture
Carrots and spinach – fresh, didn’t taste preserved
Egg – not much taste, but added some color
Meat – nothing outstanding, but good enough that I wish there had been more in the package. It is a healthy-sized portion for those of you counting calories.
Sauce – labeled a “spicy chili sauce” I consider it mild


Grade: A-

Pros: Cheap, fast to prepare, fairly healthy, good flavor and textures

Cons: Didn’t really fill me up and I was hungry afterwards even though I ate as slowly as possible.


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