Really loving this deep detox mask by Dewytree.


Ingredients include volcanic ash from Jeju Island.  As you can see, the mask is black and packed with essence.


Once on the face, there are cool eye flaps you can use for ultimate relaxation. Or you can leave them off so you can watch more kdrama. My skin felt  tingly, and I swear I could sense excess sebum getting sucked out.


Afterwards, since the fabric was still moist, I rubbed the excess essence onto my neck and décolletage. For the next 3 days, my face was blemish free and glowing. Highly recommend this as a monthly treatment.  You can purchase online for $5/mask. I get mine for $3/mask at a boutique called Beauty Tips, located at Atlantic Times Square in Monterey Park.

Grade: A+

Pros: Cute packaging, instant results, and a taste of Jeju Island!

Cons: Most Korean face masks are $1-2, so this is slightly pricier, but worth it!


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